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Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s How You Can Save

One of the smallest rooms in your house with the biggest impact is the bathroom. But how do you make a change without spiralling costs and the headaches of any other home renovation? Here are a few tips on getting your dream porcelain palace started without the prospect of a bill stopping you in your tracks…

Plan Out The Full Renovation On Day One

Before taking the first tile off the wall, plan out the full project and set a budget for yourself. It’s important to consider the costs of moving or demolishing walls, moving or replacing pipes as well as materials and labour before embarking on your dream bathroom. While planning you can also look at the ways you can save before picking up a hammer, through simplifying your plans, renovating where possible and keeping your schedule as efficient as possible reducing work hours, intrusions into your home and reduced repair and replacement costs in the long term.

Avoid Moving Fixtures If Possible

Pipes and wiring behind the walls and under floors in your bathroom present an expensive challenge when you are looking to move around the fixtures in your bathroom. Keeping any changes as simple as possible can keep not only the cost of materials down but also the labour costs from ballooning. Moving or installing new piping can put your budget in the thousands while updating with your current layout can still have a big effect.

Check Out The Latest To Codes And Regulations

When renovating and deciding to move fixtures it is always essential to talk to a licenced professional about the latest plumbing, gas and electrical codes. Depending on the age of your home, the current setup may not be up to date with the latest safety standards. In addition, updates to local or State legislation could leave you trapped if they’ve only been recently changed, while a licenced professional will be up-to-date on any such requirements. The WA Government has recently embarked on an ad campaign urging people to be careful of shocks, particularly around taps, pipes and appliances.

Renovate Your Fixtures

If you’re getting tired of your bathtub, shower or toilet you might want to look at refurbishing the porcelain throne rather than replacing it outright. Clean up your current facilities and reinvigorate the room with new tiles in the shower, new lids on the toilet or new taps on the basin. It’s a big saving on your budget and if efficiency is the issue, in many cases you can replace the internal fittings by themselves.

Be Aware The Age Of The Home Could Affect Costs

When looking at any renovation project it’s important to take into account the age of your fittings and appliances which can affect the cost and difficulty of replacement. Whether it’s the house itself or the last time the bathroom was upgraded, the age of the home can see more work needed behind the walls to bring up to the latest standards or reveal issues you weren’t aware of.

Hire Experienced Plumbers

By going through experience licenced professional plumbers and fitters, you not only will get a better job done but it will save on the labour costs as well. A big factor in any renovation budget is the labour and an experienced plumber can get the job done far more quickly, efficiently and with less disruption to your home life.

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