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Select the best hot water system for your Perth home

How to choose the Best Hot Water System for your home!

Choosing the right hot water system for your home is essential. With the wide range of brands and models available, the process of choosing the best hot water system can be quite overwhelming. The team at No Probs Plumbing and Electrical has put together this article to help you make the right decision, leaving you with a lower energy bill and a consistent flow of hot water in your home.

Step 1: Water Usage And Needs Of Your Home

The first step in choosing the best hot water system for your home is to look at the size of your household to understand your hot water needs. Generally speaking, one person typically uses 50L of hot water in a day but may require more if they shower longer, wash clothes in warm or hot water often, and use the dishwasher frequently.

Looking at the number of people in your household and their current hot water usage can help to narrow down your search for the best hot water system. It’s also important to look at the periods where there is a spike in usage, and how much hot water is used on an average day for your household. 

hot water on dishwasher

Step 2: Choose A Type Of Hot Water System

The three main types of hot water systems in Perth are electric, gas, and solar. While each has its benefits, it’s important to briefly outline their differences to see which one may be best for your situation.


Electric hot water systems are usually cheaper to purchase and install compared to other systems. However, due to the cost of electricity, these systems will cost significantly more to operate on an annual basis. An electric hot water system that runs off-peak electricity is cheaper to run, but will also need a larger tank because the heated water needs to last all day. If you’re hoping to cut down on electricity bills and be more environmentally conscious – you may want to keep browsing. 

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Gas hot water systems are usually slightly more expensive to purchase. However, the installation can be a similar price to an electric system, depending on the individual property and where the existing services are located. If you already have a natural gas connection in your home – installation costs will be much lower. Gas hot water systems are also accepted as being more energy-efficient – you’ll also find energy efficiency ratings helpful in making your choice based on economic factors. Storage gas hot water systems will mean you’ll have hot water even during a blackout, whereas instant gas systems will often require power to ignite and may go offline in the event of a blackout. 


These are the most expensive systems to purchase, with installation also usually being more expensive when compared to gas or electric hot water systems. They should be facing in a northerly direction to ensure you receive the most benefit out of these systems. A four-person family usually needs around 4 square metres of solar panel surface area and a minimum 300 litre tank. 

Solar hot water systems are often cheaper to operate when compared to electric and gas hot water systems, but you should be aware of your individual property as the location and angle of panels are critical in getting enough energy to power the system. 

Step 3: Choose Between A Storage Tank Or Continuous Flow

Storage tank systems are very common and are found all over the place from gas, electric to solar hot water systems. If you’ve got an old tank hot water system – it’s worth checking for corrosion. Over time, low-quality steel tanks are known to develop serious corrosion issues. Getting a professional plumber to check the health of your tank is a good idea to avoid unnecessary contamination.

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Continuous flow (also known as an instantaneous system) heats the amount of water you need whenever you need it. It’s not exactly instant as the name suggests – it may take a few seconds to kick in. Continuous flow hot water heaters are available in both electric and gas configurations, but gas is more common. Because there’s no water stored in a tank – they’re fairly efficient to run. You’ll need to see how many water outlets you have in your house to determine the size and flow rate necessary to deliver hot water effectively throughout your home.

Rheem 16 Hot Water System

Get A Professional Plumber To Help You Decide

When helping people to select their new hot water system in Perth, there are a couple of things that the No Probs Plumbing and Electrical team considers before providing you with the best recommendations. 

When choosing the best hot water system, it comes down to what you would like in your home, your long-term plans, and the current budget you’re working within. We strive to provide you with a few different options that we think would work best for your situation.

Hot Water Needs Aren’t Changing? Get A Like-for-like Replacement

When people are looking at replacing their current hot water heater, we can often recommend a straight swap option, whereby we replace the water heating system with a like-for-like system, whilst using the existing valves. This is the perfect solution for those whose hot water usage needs haven’t changed, and want a cost-effective replacement for their old system. However, we do recommend replacing the valves before swapping out your hot water system. That way you’ve got peace of mind that your system will be fully functional following installation and you won’t be calling your plumber a week later with another problem. 

Which Is The Best Hot Water System?

Our preferred option for the best hot water system in Perth is a gas continuous flow system. These systems are very energy efficient, and only heat the necessary amount of water as required. 

What Brand Do We Recommend?

We prefer to work with Rheem, as they are the market leaders for the best Perth hot water systems. They also offer helpful after sales support and are reasonably priced, but most importantly they’re energy-efficient. 

Call The Experts At No Probs Plumbing and Electrical 

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading, replacing, or simply need an assessment on your existing or future hot water system, our team is ready to come out to your property and have a chat about your situation and give you a rundown of the different types and help you find the best system for your needs.

Call No Probs Plumbing and Electrical for quality and obligation-free advice on the best hot water system for your home. Give us a buzz on (08) 9315 5545.