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Blocked Drains

The 5 Most Common Causes of BLOCKED Drains!

Like death and taxes, blocked drains are an inevitable part of life.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. In an attempt to arm you against the horrors of blocked drains, this article will prepare you physically (and emotionally) to deal with the worst these plumbing disasters can throw at you.  We’ll discuss early warning signs,…

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10 Great Ways to Clear Your Drains at Home

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues your home or business will encounter. Drain blockages can happen because of several reasons – including foreign materials causing an obstruction or tree roots finding their way into your pipes – but the signs pointing to a blockage are often the same.  If you have…

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How To Protect Pipes And Plumbing From Your Dig Happy Dog

We all love our furry family members but often when they’re exploring their domain in the gardens, their digging, snuffling and chewing could be causing headaches for your plumbing and drainage systems. Even some of the everyday pet caretaking and washing around the house could be causing future issues. Just by keeping an eye on…

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Four Ways Storms And Heavy Rain Can Impact Your Plumbing

With the drenching Perth has received this week, every homeowner will be battening down the hatches. While everyone thinks to check the gutters there are a number of other areas put under sudden pressure by the downpour that you might have missed. Heavy rainfall could be affecting the efficiency of your drains, underground piping, overworking…

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Pressure Gauge

Do I Need A Pressure Reducing Valve?

Why do I need a pressure reducing valve? Reducing the pressure in your plumbing system may sound like a counter-intuitive idea, as many complaints regarding water pressure usually stem from the other end of the scale.  When water simply trickles out of the shower head instead of offering a strong, even stream, your system is…

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