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checking the water with detachable showerhead

Longer showers with less water usage? Yes please.

Love a long hot shower but feel guilty doing so? One too many zeros on your water bill? Although we don’t condone wasting water, we do love saving people money, so looking into installing a low flow showerhead option can help you change all that.  Low Flow Showerheads are all the rage as we move…

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clean drinking water versus unclean cloudy water

What is the cloudy water in my tap?

Cloudy water an issue in your home? Never fear, No Probs Plumbing & Electrical is here. Often people panic, I mean cloudy water, sounds delicious right? Said no-one EVER… At No Probs, we understand your concern so to help put your mind at ease, follow on below for tips on what cloudy water is and…

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Use home water carefully to clean an apple

How to be more sustainable with your home water use 

Climate change is upon us and fast changing the world as we know it today. In fact, most of the impacts felt by climate change all boil down to water. The rising sea level, melting ice glaciers, wildfires and ocean warming, it’s all essentially a water story. Ageing water infrastructure is failing globally, water shortages…

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Blocked Drains

The 5 Most Common Causes of BLOCKED Drains!

Like death and taxes, blocked drains are an inevitable part of life.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. In an attempt to arm you against the horrors of blocked drains, this article will prepare you physically (and emotionally) to deal with the worst these plumbing disasters can throw at you.  We’ll discuss early warning signs,…

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no probs plumbing - clear your drains - plumbers perth

10 Great Ways to Clear Your Drains at Home

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues your home or business will encounter. Drain blockages can happen because of several reasons – including foreign materials causing an obstruction or tree roots finding their way into your pipes – but the signs pointing to a blockage are often the same.  If you have…

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How To Protect Pipes And Plumbing From Your Dig Happy Dog

We all love our furry family members but often when they’re exploring their domain in the gardens, their digging, snuffling and chewing could be causing headaches for your plumbing and drainage systems. Even some of the everyday pet caretaking and washing around the house could be causing future issues. Just by keeping an eye on…

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