Drain Camera Inspections

At No Probs Plumbing, we have the most sophisticated CCTV drain inspection cameras, ensuring we are able to see the condition inside drainage pipes, this will allow our highly skilled technicians to provide you with a detailed report identifying any potential issues and the best method to resolve any of these issues.

Our CCTV drain inspection cameras are fed down into the drain, navigating bends, to inspect the pipework and identify potential issues, such as collapsed or cracked pipework which may cause tree root intrusion.

Our CCTV sewer cameras are able to record all video footage with voice over, and take photos, which can then be placed onto a USB stick, ensuring clients are able to visually understand the condition of their drainage system. This footage can also be used by our technicians to aid High Pressure Sewer Jetting of the pipes to clear blockages.

These cameras have an inbuilt sonde (locating device), which enables our technicians to accurately pinpoint the location of the camera, even at depths of up to 4m and under concrete. This is how we are able to pinpoint the location of your blockage, or survey your sewer, so you know the exact location of all pipework.

The drain cameras can be used to inspect pipework up to 225mm in diameter, it is possible to push the camera a whole 50m in 100mm pipe, ensuring we are able to inspect the entire length of most drainage lines.


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