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Dripping tap

We rely heavily on our intricate home plumbing system every single day; from using the toilets to washing our clothes and ourselves.  In summer our water consumption tends to increase, as we rely on our irrigation systems to keep our gardens healthy, use our outdoor taps and hoses to fill up our pools and hop…

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Summer plumbing checks

Another year is almost done and dusted, with the festive holidays beckoning our names as we bask in the glorious sunny days of the summer season.  With the return of the heat comes a busy social season, filled with backyard barbecues, relatives coming to stay, school holiday fun for the kids and of course Christmas…

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Pressure Gauge

Why do I need a pressure reducing valve? Reducing the pressure in your plumbing system may sound like a counter-intuitive idea, as many complaints regarding water pressure usually stem from the other end of the scale.  When water simply trickles out of the shower head instead of offering a strong, even stream, your system is…

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