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Our water heaters are available in the Perth metropolitan area.

We are fully licenced and qualified for all plumbing and gas fitting work.

We remove the old hot water service FREE OF CHARGE.

thermann 20

Designed and manufactured in Japan, Thermann Gas Continuous Flow hot water units use the latest technologies to heat water as required, rather than storing it. This simply means they’ll never run out of hot water which is ideal for big families. Sometimes referred to as instantaneous units, they are a really sensible method of water heating, because you only pay to heat the water you use.

6 star gas efficiency

Electric ignition – no continuous pilot light

Replacement hot water system

12 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

Same day installation

Available in Natural Gas or LPG.

Factory pre-set 50ºC models available, requiring no tempering valve

Power point required – we can arrange this to save you the hassle

Size Price
Thermann 16L $1290
Thermann 20L $1420
Thermann 26L $1450
Thermann C7 $1750