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Best Perth Electricians

Here at No Probs Plumbing and Electrical, there really are no problems. We're good at what we do, and we know you'll be stoked with our services. Efficient, professional and with a focus on customer service, you know you're in good hands.

We've been looking after the Perth metropolitan area with residential issues ranging from broken ceiling fans to short-circuiting power outlets for decades. So if you've got a problem, and you want it fixed, give our No Probs Plumbing and Electrical team a call.

Whatever drama you're experiencing in your home, we've seen it and fixed it before. So please don't hesitate to give us a call and let us know what's going on - so we can get out there and get you sorted.

Electrical Services we provide

You never know what electrical issues might spring up in your home. From older houses where old technology is causing problems, to new installations of access points, RCDs, smoke alarms and more - we've got it all in the bag.

If you don't see your particular issue on the list, don't worry. There's such a wide range of different problems that can spring up, we couldn't list them all. Give us a call and let us know what's going on, even if we can't get out there and fix it ourselves, we're sure to know someone who can - you're in good hands.

Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Gremlins can be hard to find, they hide in dark corners and aren't exactly forthcoming when you go looking. If you're experiencing strange faults and you can't quite work out what's going on, step back and take a breather.

Electricity can be incredibly dangerous, and if you're not qualified it's a bad idea to go poking around with wires. If you've got electrical issues, give us a call and we'll find them for you. We're trained and equipped to deal with this sort of thing and can find electrical faults safely, and get them fixed quick.

Here at No Probs, electrical repairs are our area of expertise. We'll take care of you with great service, and a kitchen that can run a kettle AND the microwave without tripping out!

Electrical Compliance Testing

To meet modern OH&S requirements, electrical testing and tagging by qualified, licensed electricians is required. Essentially, your electrical devices and appliances need to pass basic compliance tests to be signed off for use in the workplace.

It's a simple and pain free process, and one that you really can't overlook. If someone gets injured at work because of an electrical device that's faulty, and out of compliance date, you could be in seriously hot water. Take the time to get your workplace tagged and tested, if you're in the Perth Metropolitan Area, we can be there in no time at all and get that sorted.

Ceiling & Exhaust Fan Installation & Repairs

Exhaust fans are the one in your kitchen, above the stove. They're really important for making sure smoke and steam are carried out of the kitchen and out of your face. A good exhaust fan will even save you from setting the smoke alarm off with burnt toast, sucking that smoke right out of there.

If you need a new exhaust fan installed in the kitchen, or a ceiling fan installed in a bedroom or lounge room, give us a call. We offer competitive prices, and unmatched customer service. We're Perth's leading electrical company when it comes to treating our customers right.

General Appliance Installations

From electric stoves to dishwashers and everything else in your kitchen that needs electricity to operate, we can install it. Because we're not just Perth electricians, we can handle your electrical needs and the plumbing work that goes along with many kitchen installations.

We've got you covered with installation and repair for;

  • Power Points
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Smoke Alarms

Lighting Installation

Kitchen too dark? Study lights too cold? Halogens everywhere costing you money, and looking to make the switch to LED lighting? Give us a call. No lighting job is too big or too small, you'll get great service whether you need your whole house lighting rewired or a single bulb changed (ok, that one we can probably walk you through over the phone).

Communications Circuit Installations

To get the best speed out of your home internet, you need the right connections. It doesn't matter if you're getting a million megabytes a second to your house, if the connection between the fibre and your modem is old copper and slowing everything to a crawl. To get better speed out of your home internet, we might be able upgrade your communication line infrastructure.

Or, if you need your home made NBN ready, just give us a shout.

We're also able to route your TV lines to any room in the house, and give you TV & Foxtel access points wherever is most convenient for your home. Don't put up with poorly placed connection points, get them fixed today!

Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance and Upgrade

The switchboards and RCDs in your home weren't designed to last forever, and technology has only gotten better over the years. Modern switchboards, circuit breakers and RCDs are so much more capable of protecting you and your family than they were years ago.

If your house is still equipped with out of date protective devices, consider bringing them into the 21st century and know that you're protected from a stray electrical gremlin causing mischief or misery in your home.


Hot Water System Installation, Service & Repair

Here at No Probs Plumbing and Electrical, we do both - if that wasn't obvious! For Hot Water systems installed by the experts in both routing your water AND making it hot, call us today. We offer competitive pricing and fixed quotes for all hot water system installations and all the top brands.

Best yet? Don't go a day without hot water. We offer same day repair, service and replace - and if we can't, we'll loan you one absolutely free of charge. Don't go without hot water when you don't have to!


For all your electrical needs, call the best team in the business at No Probs Plumbing and Electrical, we've got only your best interests at heart. We'll get you sorted, no probs.

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