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Kensington Plumbing

Do you hear that Kensington? That’s the sound of your plumbing issues being flushed down the drain. No Probs Plumbing and Electrical are here serving your enclave with the fastest and highest quality plumbing service east of Canning Highway. 

Our highly qualified team is located literally around the corner with the gumption to fix your worst and most frustrating plumbing issues today. 

Think you’ve heard about us before? 

You may well have. 

We’re known for our quick arrival time, great service, and professional workmanship. 

Local Plumber Kensington

With over 40 years of combined experience we’ve been serving Kensington locals for decades, whether in their homes or businesses, there’s nothing we don’t do. 

We’ll gladly help you with:

Our Kensington plumbers are standing by ready to help with any of these issues and more! Whatever you’re dealing with at home whether it’s a dodgy tap, suspicious gas smell, or disappointingly low pressure, we’ve seen it all. Just give us a call. We’ll fix it no probs!

Kensington local Ashly said it perfectly when she went and posted this:

“Very happy with my new plumbing yesterday. Dillon and the team are great. The plumber arrived on time and went above and beyond to make sure it was perfect”.

Emergency Plumber Kensington

There’s no good time for plumbing emergencies. Whether it’s a blocked toilet (ugh) or a leak that just won’t stop, getting help quickly will save you cold hard cash. 

Our emergency plumber Kensington team can be with you in a matter of minutes. We mean that. Time us. 

We’re also available seven days a week. 

Yep, nothing stops us from getting on with the job we do best.

Give us a call now on 9315 5545.

Hot Water Systems Kensington

Is your hot water system playing up? Making strange noises and giving you luke-warm water? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a new one for a while and this is your moment. 

In emergencies, our team will be over with a temporary fix so you can get on with your day until a new system is installed properly. Our Kensington plumbers will make sure you’re never without hot running water

If you’re on the hunt for a new system for your Kensington home, get in touch with our team, they stock some of Perth’s most efficient and effective hot water systems.

Blocked Drains Kensington

If you’re dealing with a blocked drain at home, chances are you don’t have much patience left after trying seven different DIY methods to no avail. 

Don’t worry. Those buggers can be hard to get going, especially if the blockage is deeper than usual. 

Our team is fully prepared with all the latest tech to get your drain flowing again in no time.

Need a plumber in Kensington? We’re the local plumbers you can trust to get the job done right. Call No Probs Plumbing and Electrical on 9315 5545. See you in a jiffy.

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