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No Probs Plumbing and Electrical technicians are fully licensed to deal with all gas fitting work, including gas installations and repairs. We offer a safe, friendly, and reliable service to ensure your needs are serviced in a timely and efficient manner.

Can you Smell Gas?

The unmistakable smell of gas is a worrying sign that you may have a gas leak in or around your home. The smell of gas (similar to the smell of rotten eggs) in a building is not normal, and steps must be taken to eliminate any potential hazard that may arise from leaking gas. If the smell is only getting stronger, you'll need to act immediately.

What to do If you can smell gas, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the supply of gas to the building at the meter or cylinder. Turning off the gas at the meter may not stop the leak, as it may be coming from a nearby gas main or service. Even if you have managed to turn the gas supply off - the smell may still linger for a while.
  2. If you consider it necessary, evacuate the building.
  3. Eliminate ignition sources by extinguishing any naked flames, preventing smoking, preventing striking of matches and lighters, and by not touching any electrical switches. Immediately switch off appliances such as gas heaters and stovetops.
  4. If lights are on, leave them on.
  5. Ventilate the building by opening all the doors and windows.
  6. Call No Probs Plumbing & Electrical on (08) 9315 5545. We will send a fully licensed gas plumber out to you immediately.
  7. Do not enter the gas-affected area, warn neighbours and others within the vicinity. Wait until a gas plumber has declared the area free from danger.

Common Causes Of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can result from various factors, including:

Corroded or damaged gas lines: Over time, gas pipes can corrode, weaken, or sustain damage due to external factors such as ground movement or construction. This can lead to leaks in the gas lines.

Poor installation: If gas appliances, pipes, or fittings are not properly installed, there is a higher risk of gas leaks. Always hire a licensed gas plumber to ensure safe and secure installation.

Loose connections: Gas leaks can occur when connections between appliances and gas lines are not correctly tightened or sealed. Regular maintenance checks can help identify and resolve these issues.

Ageing appliances: As gas appliances age, their components can wear out, leading to gas leaks. Regular servicing and timely replacement of old appliances can prevent potential leaks.

Improperly fitted or faulty appliances: Appliances with manufacturing defects or those that are not compatible with your gas system can cause gas leaks. Ensure you use appliances approved for your specific gas system and have them installed by a professional.

Accidental damage: Gas leaks can happen due to accidents, such as puncturing a gas line during construction or landscaping projects. Always call utility locating services before digging to avoid damaging underground gas lines.

Natural disasters: Earthquakes, floods, or severe weather can damage gas lines and cause leaks. After a natural disaster, it's essential to have a gas plumber inspect your gas system for potential damage.

Wear and tear on seals and gaskets: Seals and gaskets on gas appliances and connectors can wear out over time, leading to gas leaks. Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify and replace worn-out components.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak, you'll want to get a licensed gas fitter to conduct a gas tightness test to identify if there is a gas leak, from there the gas fitter will be able to repair any issues as soon as possible.

Assistance We Provide

At No Probs Plumbing and Electrical, we are proud to be licensed gas fitters in Perth, with extensive expertise in a wide array of gas services and repairs. Our team is dedicated to helping you with any gas-related needs, which include:

Gas Appliance Installation: Our professionals have the skills and knowledge to install various gas appliances, such as gas heaters, hot water systems, gas pipes, gas ovens, and gas stoves. We ensure that each installation is done safely and efficiently, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity for your appliances.

Gas Leak Detection and Repairs: We utilise advanced technology and techniques to detect gas leaks within and around your home. Our team is trained to handle gas leaks, repairs, and maintenance to ensure your safety and prevent potential hazards.

Gas Pressure Adjustment: Proper gas pressure is essential for the efficient and safe functioning of your gas appliances. Our experts can assess and adjust the gas line pressure as needed, ensuring the safe and effective operation of your equipment.

Commissioning of Gas Appliances: To ensure your gas appliances are functioning correctly and safely, our team can perform commissioning services. This process involves inspecting, testing, and adjusting the appliance to meet manufacturer specifications and Australian standards.

LPG Installations: We are experienced in handling Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) installations for residential and commercial clients. Our team can help you with the safe setup and connection of LPG systems to power your appliances, ensuring compliance with regulations and industry best practices.

Need A Gas Plumber Today? No Probs

Need natural gas fitting work completed at your home or business? You can trust that your gas-related needs will be handled with professionalism and care, ensuring your home's safety and comfort.

Whether you are in need of advice, gas leak solutions or gas fitting services our highly recommended team will work quickly and effectively to save you time and money.

Call us today on (08) 93155545 or send us an email at [email protected].

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