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Bathroom renovations

Renovating your bathroom? Here’s how you can save

One of the smallest rooms in your house with the biggest impact is the bathroom. But how do you make a change without spiralling costs and the headaches of any other home renovation? Here are a few tips on getting your dream porcelain palace started without the prospect of a bill stopping you in your tracks…


Can blocked drains at home cause rising damp issues?

Blocked or leaking drains can cause numerous headaches around the home but one of the biggest dangers is rising damp. Leaks can make their ways into floors, walls and ceilings unnoticed causing mould, peeling wallpaper and structural damage to your home while also spreading quickly. In the hot and humid climate of Perth this can…

Dripping tap

How to detect hidden plumbing leaks in your home

We rely heavily on our intricate home plumbing system every single day; from using the toilets to washing our clothes and ourselves.  In summer our water consumption tends to increase, as we rely on our irrigation systems to keep our gardens healthy, use our outdoor taps and hoses to fill up our pools and hop…

Summer plumbing checks

4 summer plumbing checks to complete in your home

Another year is almost done and dusted, with the festive holidays beckoning our names as we bask in the glorious sunny days of the summer season.  With the return of the heat comes a busy social season, filled with backyard barbecues, relatives coming to stay, school holiday fun for the kids and of course Christmas…

Why do I have low water pressure in my home?

Why do I have low water pressure in my home?

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than stepping into a steaming hot shower. This is why there is nothing more disappointing than turning the tap full ball for a sad trickle to flow out of your shower head. If you are suffering from low water flow from your taps and shower…

Pressure Gauge

Do I need a pressure reducing valve in my home?

Reducing the pressure in your plumbing system may sound like a counter-intuitive idea, as many complaints regarding water pressure usually stem from the other end of the scale.  When water simply trickles out of the shower head instead of offering a strong, even stream, your system is suffering from low water pressure. This can be…

Water Hammer Solutions

Why do my pipes shake and make that banging sound?

A water hammer (technically known as hydraulic shock) refers to the loud banging noise your plumbing system makes when a tap is turned off abruptly, or an appliance (such as a dishwasher or washing machine) suddenly shuts off its water intake. This is caused when water is sharply stopped or there is a quick change…

Flexible Hose damage

Protect your home from flexible hose leaks

Did you know that burst flexible hoses are one of the most common causes of insurance claims in the home? According to research, flexible braided hoses made up one in five water damage claims lodged by Australian households in 2016.  The above photo was taken at a recent emergency call out attended by the No…

Set up your sprinklers for spring

Our spring irrigation maintenance checklist

Our irrigation maintenance tips will help you save time, money and precious water in your yard as you set up your sprinkler system this spring.

Make your home environmentally friendly

7 ways to make your home environmentally friendly

Here are our tips to make energy-efficient and water saving changes in your home – and they may be simpler than you think!

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