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What causes blocked drains?

Tree roots: Tree roots can enter your sewer through the smallest of cracks in search for water, once tree roots enter your sewer they will continue to grow which can cause your drain to become blocked.

Damaged or broken pipes: Sewerage pipes can break due to tree root movement, ground movement, faulty installation or general wear and tear.

Sanitary products: Sanitary products are another common cause of a blocked drain. Ensure you do not flush nappies, baby wipes, tampons, sanitary pads and even ‘flushable’ wipes down your drain. It is common for these items to cause your blocked drain in Perth.

Cooking fat/oil: Cooking fats and oils often build up in the pipework connecting the kitchen sink to the sewerage system, these fats and oils solidify in the sewerage system over time causing the pipework to block completely. It is best practice to minimise the amount of fat and oil that enters your kitchen sink, to avoid a blocked drain in Perth.

Hair: Hair is another common cause of blocked drains in Perth, it usually builds up in the pipework below bathroom basins or in the pipework connecting the bath or shower to the sewerage system.

How can we help?

A No Probs Plumbing and Gas plumber can help by identifying the cause of the problem, we can do this by visually inspecting your property, or by using one of our state of the art Drain Cameras to inspect the inside of your drainage system.

Once we have identified the cause of the problem, we can then advise on the most effective solution to get your blocked drain flowing again, before further damage is caused to your property. Methods used to clear your blocked drain in Perth are, plunging the blockage, by mechanical means such as a drain snake, or by using a high-pressure sewer jetter.

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