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Thermann X Hybird Heat Pump 300L Hot Water System

Our water heaters are available in the Perth metropolitan area.

We are fully licenced and qualified for all plumbing and gas fitting work.

We remove the old hot water system FREE OF CHARGE.

Thermann X Hybird Heat Pump 300L Hot Water Systems are suited to families of 3-6 people.

Engineered in Germany for Australian conditions, the Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to hot water. It comes with a removable casing for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited. With a built in manual element boost, for high demand conditions, and solar PV ready, it truly is the smart way to heat your water.

Manufactured in Europe and specifically designed for Australian Conditions

Eligible for Government rebates (STC’s)

Uses less energy compared to traditional electric storage tanks

Replacement hot water system

5 Year Cylinder Warranty

Same day installation

Thermann Heat Pump