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Four signs you have blocked drains

Four Tell-Tale Signs You Have Blocked Drains

While it may take time for a blockage to form in your pipes, an overflowing toilet or a flooded sink are hard to miss.

While blocked drains are a common reason to get on the phone with an emergency plumber, there are signs to look out for so you can solve the problem before a nightmare unfolds.

While the clogged drain could be local to the pipes attached to your toilet, bathtub or sink, blockages can also make their way to the main sewer drain.

There are a number of reasons blockages can occur, including a build-up of foreign objects (such as paper towels, food waste, soap and hair), mineral buildup or interference by tree roots.

An Unpleasant Smell Coming From Your Drains

Food debris, fat, oil and other nasties are all common culprits when it comes to blocked drains. As these items decompose, the blockage will emit a foul odour – a sign hard to miss.

The smell will most likely be obvious around the drains in your kitchen sinks, bathroom sink and drains, toilets and outside drains.

Usually, the size of the blockage will affect the potency of the smell.

Gurgling Toilet, Sink Or Shower

If your pipes and fixtures have decided to become more musical than usual, this is also a sure-fire sign to give your Perth plumber a call.

A locally blocked drain will make gurgling sounds from the affected fixture as the water drains, while a main sewer blockage may cause gurgling in the tub or shower when the sink drains also.  

The sound is caused by the release of air trapped by the blockage, when it is pushed through the system.  

Sewerage Or Greywater Coming Out Of Your Outside Drain

This is usually an indication you have a blockage in your sewerage main, which has caused a backflow into the back or side areas of your home.

If the external drains are flooded, or debris has been deposited around the drain after an overflow, it is definitely time to call a plumber.

It is important to ensure these drains are not blocked or covered, as wastewater or greywater may flow back inside your house.

Your Bath, Shower Or Basin Is Slow To Drain

While slow drainage is frustrating, it is also an indicator there is something lurking in your plumbing.

Toilet and bath water should create a whirlpool motion above the drain if it is flowing efficiently, and showers/sinks should only take a couple of seconds to empty – with no bubbles or overflow.  

A slow flow is due to the water having to trickle around or through the blockage. This typically gets worse the longer it is left to it’s own devices.

If you flush the toilet, the water should never rise higher, or sit lower than the usual water level.

Need Help With Blocked Drains?

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