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What is a Sacrificial Anode, and how do they work?

A sacrificial anode is a magnesium rod, that is designed to protect the hot water system’s cylinder from deterioration. Over time the constant heating of water inside the tank, along with the corrosive chemicals found in the water around Perth, will cause the tank to rust and eventually leak. Magnesium is a softer metal than steel and will deteriorate first, protecting the tank from damage, therefore, prolonging the life of the hot water system and allowing the hot water unit to continue to run at full efficiency.

Does my hot water system have a sacrificial anode?

Not all hot water services have a sacrificial anode, if you have a continuous flow hot water system , there will not be a sacrificial anode inside your system.

Not all storage hot water systems have a sacrificial anode, if your unit has a copper or stainless steel tank they will not have a sacrificial anode. The best way to check this would be to either check with the manufacturer or with one of our friendly tradesmen at No Probs Plumbing in Perth.

Do I need to change my sacrificial anode?

To ensure you get the full life and efficiency out of your hot water system you should change the sacrificial anode regularly, without replacing the sacrificial anode, the life span of the hot water system will be reduced substantially. The increased corrosion on the tank will also decrease the efficiency, causing a higher gas bill due to rust and other matter settling on the base of the tank.

On average, It is recommended that the sacrificial anode is changed every 5 years, however, the water quality in Perth (especially the northern suburbs of Perth) is quite poor, and therefore, it may need to be replaced more regularly to ensure the longevity of the hot water system.

No Probs Plumbing and Gas in Perth stocks a large range of sacrificial anodes.

Sacrificial Anode


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