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Summer plumbing checks

4 Summer Plumbing Checks To Complete In Your Home

Another year is almost done and dusted, with the festive holidays beckoning our names as we bask in the glorious sunny days of the summer season. 

With the return of the heat comes a busy social season, filled with backyard barbecues, relatives coming to stay, school holiday fun for the kids and of course Christmas feasts and new years celebrations. 

Your home which would usually be quiet sanctuary is suddenly going to become almost as busy as grand central station – and you want to make sure your plumbing can cope with the extra usage. 

Before you settle in on the couch to watch the cricket test, it is important to make a couple of your own summer plumbing tests around your home to make sure your plumbing is well maintained. 

Our Perth plumbers from No Probs Plumbing have rounded up the 7 most important checks to undertake this summer, before the silly season truly hits.  

Check Your Barbeque And Gas Stove For Gas Leaks

This is one of the most important checks on the list, as gas leaks can be extremely hazardous to your family’s health. The moment you detect a gas leak, you should immediately turn off the gas outlet and contact your Perth emergency plumber at No Probs Plumbing on (08) 9315 5545.

With Perth summers conjuring up perfect balmy evenings, it is common practice for most families to take their cooking activities to the barbie.

Before you invite your mates around for a cook up, check your gas bottle and pipe for any signs of damage. Natural gas leaks are impossible to see, so there is a simple soapy water test you can perform to check your gas line has not been compromised. 

Simply mix up water and detergent and either spray or wipe the solution over the hose assembly, including the valve and regulator. Ensure the connected gas appliance is turned off and twist open the gas bottle to pressurise the system. 

From here, observe from the valve to where the gas supply hose attaches to your appliance and keep an eye out for any bubbles forming – this will indicate a leak. If you see any bubbles or smell gas, turn off the gas and call in your Perth plumber. Simply rinse the solution off the system when complete.

Another quick test is to turn on your burners one at a time and observe the colour of the flame.

A blue gas flame indicates complete combustion, meaning you aren’t wasting gas and money. Red or yellow gas flames can signal incomplete combustion, wasted gas and a serious safety hazard.

This could be due to a blockage in the system, which is restricting air supply to the appliance. It can also mean your appliance is producing hazardous Carbon Monoxide, which is odourless and colourless, but poisonous. 

In the case of this plumbing emergency, we highly recommend you to turn off the appliance and call the licenced gas fitters from No Probs Plumbing for immediate gas repairs.

Washing Machine And Drainage System

The summer days encourage everyone to get out and about, with days out on the water, exploring nature trails and enjoying outdoor physical activities. This also leads to piles of washing. 

This is why it summer is a great time to check over your washing machine and grey water drainage system before the heavy usage gets into full swing. 

Check the hose pipes – especially the flexible hoses which are responsible for 20% of all home insurance claims – and look for any signs of wear and tear. Preventing an emergency water leak situation before it happens will save you time, money and stress. 

Take time to observe some of the cycle, and ensure the water is draining from the appliance quickly and effectively. Also take note of how long the cycle is taking – if this is longer than usual, you may have a low water pressure problem

Check For Leaks In Your Pipe And Toilets

The colder months have a tendency to put added stress on your taps and pipes, especially the ones located outdoors. Just like your washing machine, your outdoor taps will likely experience heavier use over the summer period, whether it’s to water the garden or fill up the pool. 

Check to see if you have any leaking taps that may have gone unnoticed and take note of any wear and tear visible on the pipes.

To test for water leaks which are not immediately obvious, there is a water meter check you can complete. Ensure all the taps and water-using appliances in the household are turned off and take a reading of your water meter. Wait for at least 15 minutes and up to an hour and check it again. If the numbers have changed, there may be a leak in your home.  

With the kids home from school and visitors staying, your toilet is another fixture that may be feeling the pressure. Toilets are prone to water leaks which can sometimes be difficult to detect. Our friends over at Fosters Plumbing have compiled a list of checks to perform on your toilet to ensure it is leak free.

Consider Water Saving Upgrades In Your Home

As we experience dry summers in Perth, it is a good time to consider how much water your home consumes. Water is a precious resource which is becoming scarce across Australia, and we must all do our bit to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum. 

From implementing water saving fixtures and installing rainwater sensors in your irrigation system to utilising rainwater tanks, there are a number of ways to reduce your water consumption and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Check out our blog 7 ways to make your home environmentally friendly for ideas.

Call In Our Licensed Plumbers For Backup 

If you need a helping hand to perform plumbing maintenance on your household, or your checks have uncovered an issue which needs repairing, the No Probs Plumbing team are your local Perth plumbers.

With no call-out fees and obligation free quotes, No Probs Plumbing is your solution for all plumbing system services in your home or business.

We tackle everything from burst pipes to leaking taps, faulty hot water system repairs and blocked drains, appliance installation and all gas fitting needs.

Call us now on (08)931 55545 or drop us an email at [email protected].