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Don’t Let Coronavirus Clog Your Drains

There is really no substitute for toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed and made to be dense enough for sanitary needs but can be easily flushed and broken down through your sewage system. 

With the lack of toilet paper, due to coronavirus scares, people have resorted to using “flushable” alternatives such as baby wipes, makeup wipes, wet wipes, paper towels and cloths. However, there is a danger when using these alternatives as they are not really made to go down the toilet. 

Although they are labelled as “flushable,” this claim is misleading as most of the products with this label don’t have similar characteristics to toilet paper and should not actually be flushed. Some companies such as Pental have been fined for this kind of false advertising.

Stop Panic Buying

This post-apocalyptic behaviour has left all supermarkets with empty shelves, and having to limit the amount of toilet paper to 4 packets per person. However, Kleenex, the leading sanitary manufacturers in Australia, has reassured everyone that they are working around the clock to meet demands and bring more toilet paper to the shelves as soon as possible.

Even Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has advised people to stop panic buying, as goods such as toilet paper, will not be running out any time soon.

What Alternatives Can I Use?

So, if you’ve run out of toilet paper for the time being and are waiting for the shelves to be replenished at your local supermarket, you can alternatively use baby wipes. However, as mentioned before, they are not flushable and must be disposed of in the bin.

It is still important that nothing is flushed down your toilet except for toilet paper, to avoid any unnecessary clogging. As clogged pipes and sewers are expensive problems to fix and should be avoided if necessary.

clogging in your toilet
These tree roots along with a haul of non-flushable items were found in a local Perth resident’s plumbing.

Think Twice Before You Flush

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