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Blocked Drains

The 5 Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

Like death and taxes, blocked drains are an inevitable part of life. 

You may have noticed your bathroom or kitchen sink is draining slowly, your pipes are creating a gurgling symphony, an unpleasant smell has begun to waft from your drains or you have experienced the panic of watching the toilet water rise after flushing. 

These are all tell-tale signs that your pipes are experiencing a blockages somewhere in the system. But why do they occur and how can we prevent them?

Tree Roots Entering Your Sewer

Even the smallest cracks or leaks in your pipes can attract tree root growth and allow them to work their way in. Once they have breached the pipe, they will continue to grow larger, leading to further damage and water flow obstruction. 

This is definitely a job for the Perth plumbing professionals, as it can become fairly complicated to solve. 

This can be a difficult problem to manage and prevent, as most people have trees, shrubbery and plants on their property which they do not wish to remove. 

The best course of action is to be aware of the root structure of the plants and trees on your property and have your properties drains and pipes regularly checked to ensure any issues are solved sooner, rather than later.  

Damaged Or Broken Pipes

Burst pipes can be due to not only tree roots as mentioned above, but also ground movement, faulty installation, or general wear and tear. 

As soon as a fracture occurs, the pipe will become more susceptible to blockages, especially if it is affecting water flow. 

This can be a difficult issue to diagnose unless you have a clear view of the broken pipe. Check pipes for visible leaks or the appearance of water stains on your walls or ceiling.

This is where your professional plumber comes in handy. If you suspect you may have a broken pipe issue, a trained professional can use leak detection equipment to diagnose the problem. 

Sanitary Products Being Flushed Down The Drain

Feminine products should never be flushed down the toilet, as they are one of the main causes of blockages due to their absorbent nature. Tampons can expand tenfold, and unlike toilet paper, these products do not break down. 

Similarly, “flushable” and non-flushable wipes, condoms and paper towels are other foreign objects which should never find their way into your toilet. Cat litter is also a major issue for your plumbing – so always ensure it goes into the bin. 

You can attempt to alleviate the clogged drains with a plunger or auger, but if this is unsuccessful, your first call should be to your local plumber. 

Cooking Fat Or Oil Solidifying Over Time

In the kitchen, grease and fat which has made its way down the drain will build up over time and cause mayhem in your system. 

If you are pouring oil or fat down the sink, run it along with detergent and boiling water to help it break down. Better still is to either collect the fat and oil and allow it to solidify in a container to be thrown out, or wipe up small amounts of oil and fat with a paper towel and add it to your compost. 

If you suspect this is an issue you are experiencing, you can try and plunge the drain or add a commercial drain cleaner. If the problem persists, we highly recommend a plumber to solve the issue for you. 

Build-Up Of Hair

Human hair, animal hair and dental floss are all usual suspects when it comes to blocked drains in Perth. 

Build ups usually occur in the pipework below bathroom basins or in the pipework connecting the bath or shower to the sewerage system.

Small amounts of hair can be pulled out by hand before the problem compounds. Drain cleaning devices such as drain spiders can also assist your efforts to remove hair from the drain, but be aware cheap removal options – such as chemicals – can cause the problem to become worse. 

When in doubt, call in the pros.  

Call In The Professionals

If you need plumbing service in Perth, No Probs Plumbing is your go-to 24/7 emergency plumber for blocked drains.

Our No Probs plumber and gas fitter will identify the cause through visual inspection, or by using one of our state of the art drain cameras to inspect your drainage system.

From here, we can advise the most effective solution to have your drains flowing again before further damage is caused. 

Our Perth plumbers have decades of experience to quickly diagnose and solve all plumbing issues from blockages to gas hot water system failures.

With no call out fees, obligation free quotes and our customer service guarantee, we are also the team to call for your renovation, installation, maintenance and gas fitting needs. Call our team on (08) 9315 5545 or drop us an email at

Call our team on (08) 9315 5545 or drop us an email at