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Do I Need A Pressure Reducing Valve?

Why do I need a pressure reducing valve?

Reducing the pressure in your plumbing system may sound like a counter-intuitive idea, as many complaints regarding water pressure usually stem from the other end of the scale. 

When water simply trickles out of the shower head instead of offering a strong, even stream, your system is suffering from low water pressure. This can be caused by a number of plumbing issues, such as leaks and blockages in your pipes.

However, there is a point where high water pressure can place a strain on your home plumbing system and this is where pressure reducing valves come in.

What Can Cause High Water Pressure?

The main culprit of high water pressure in your home is your municipal water supplier. Often the supplier amps up the water pressure to ensure it is strong enough to reach each floor of a high rise building, as well as outlets such as hydrants.  

Due to this, your home may have higher water pressure than it needs to function properly – with some measuring in at over 100 psi. Anything above 80 psi can cause significant wear and tear on your system.  

What Are The Dangers Of High Water Pressure On Your System?

Not only can excessively high water pressure damage your system, it can also have an adverse effect on your water-dependant appliances. This can result in leaks, floods and broken appliances, and significantly reduce the lifespan of your home’s entire water system

High pressure can also wreak havoc on your water bill, as it leads to more water flowing through your fixtures than required. Not only will reducing your water pressure save your hip pocket, it will also make your home more environmentally friendly

If you have noticed a banging sound in your pipes after turning the water off or when your irrigation cycle comes to an end, this is an indication the water pressure is too high. The noise is called a water hammer, which occurs when water suddenly changes direction or comes to an abrupt stop. This action causes a shock wave to travel across your pipes, causing them to rattle and make contact with each other. 

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Sourced from CTG Technical Blog

What Is A Pressure Reducing Valve?

Pressure reducing valves are devices installed on the main water line which actively reduce the pressure of water travelling into your home. The device has an internal spring and diaphragm which the water must move through, causing resistance and as a result, lowering the pressure to the desired level before entering your plumbing system.

The best feature of the valve is its ability to adapt to sudden pressure changes. As they are set to regulate your water flow to a specific water pressure, the spring and diaphragm will automatically restrict when pressure suddenly increases. 

If your home was built after the 1980s, it is likely your home will already have a pressure reducing valve installed. However, these devices only have a lifespan of about 10 years, so it is worth calling in your local Perth plumber to inspect and replace the valve if required. 

It goes without saying that you should call in a plumbing expert to offer their advice on installing a pressure reducing valve if your home was built before this time period. 

How Do I Check My Water Pressure?

If you suspect you may have high water pressure issue, it is worth taking a reading using a pressure gauge to discover what you are dealing with. 

You can purchase a water pressure gauge from your local hardware store, or you can call in our Perth plumbers for assistance

Call In The Perth Plumbing Experts To Install A Pressure Reducing Valve In Your Home

While you can DIY the installation of a pressure reducing valve, it is not an easy task if you have no experience under your belt. There are many valves to choose between, you must know exactly where to install the device on the water main line and the process itself is quite complex and hands on. 

At No Probs Plumbing, our workmanship is always of the highest quality, performed by trained professionals and backed by our customer service guarantee. Our Perth plumbers and gas fitters can assist with all plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes, hot water system failures and gas leaks. With no call-out fees and obligation free quotes, we can also assist with maintenance works, appliance and plumbing fixture installations and release blocked drains

While installing a water pressure reducing valve can be done by the switched on DIY’er, there’s a little more in it that just turning off the mains, chopping the pipe and adding an extra component. To get the job done properly, you need to be sure the valve is the right one, installed in the right spot. You also want to make sure it’s done by someone qualified, so your home and contents insurance stays water-tight!

To get a water pressure reducing valve installed right, or any other plumbing issue in your home fixed – call us now on 9315 5545 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll get you sorted!