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clean drinking water versus unclean cloudy water

What is the cloudy water in my tap?

Cloudy water an issue in your home? Never fear, No Probs Plumbing & Electrical is here. Often people panic, I mean cloudy water, sounds delicious right? Said no-one EVER… At No Probs, we understand your concern so to help put your mind at ease, follow on below for tips on what cloudy water is and…

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Optimal Hot Water Setting

Gas Hot Water Systems Vs. Electric Hot Water Systems

So your hot water system has kicked the bucket. Shopping for a replacement can be a challenging task, with many options to choose from. Because heating hot water contributes to around 25% of household energy costs, it’s important to select a type that suits your home and lifestyle. But which system is best for your…

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Leaf Relief Gutter Debris Management System

Winter Checklist For Those Colder Months

As the colder months approach, there are some necessary steps you must take to ensure your home remains nice and cosy. Here’s the complete Winter checklist to prepare your home; from the falling leaves in the gutters to making sure you can enjoy hot water all Winter long.

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