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Winter Checklist For Those Colder Months

We have created a winter checklist as the colder months approach, there are some necessary steps you must take to ensure that your home remains nice and cosy for the duration of winter. 

The leaves change and begin to fall into your gutters and hot water systems may need to be checked to ensure you have hot water all Winter long. If you need a guide on what to do to prepare for Winter, No Probs Plumbing and Electrical have the ultimate checklist for you.

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Clear Your Gutters

It is important to clean your gutters leading up to Winter. It is a tedious task, but only needs to be done 1-2 times per year, or whenever you see fit. 

Gutters tend to get cluttered during Autumn, as the leaves begin to fall and the wind blows dirt, dust, and leaves. If these are not cleared by the Winter time, the mixture of rain with the leaves will restrict the flow of water through the gutter causing blockages.

winter checklist for plumbing

Inspect Hot Water System

Probably one of the most important steps when preparing for Winter. Nobody wants to be having a cold shower on those cold Winter mornings. Ensure you inspect your hot water system before it is too late.

Be sure to check that your hot water system is working properly, by ensuring that; the size of your water tank is adequate, you’re not overusing water, there is no buildup of sediment and debris, and all parts are fully functioning and fitting right. 

Check Your Roof

If you haven’t got around to it yet, now is the time to check your roof for any new or existing leaks. Your plumbing system works harder during Perth’s big Winter storms, where blockages, broken down sump pumps and burst pipes can lead to flooding in your home. 

When your gutters are overflowing, it increases the probability of leaks and flooding in crawl spaces of your roof and walls. Although the effects aren’t always immediately visible, it is important to check your roof, particularly after large heavy storms with heavy rainfall. 

Monitor Your Gas Heater

If you want to stay snug and bring out your heater from storage, make sure to monitor your gas heater and all gas fittings to ensure they are working properly with no leaks. 

Leaking gas is not normal and can be extremely hazardous to your home. Your gas heaters should be routinely checked for any carbon monoxide by a licensed professional (as this type of gas leak cannot be detected by human senses).

However, if you can smell a gas leak (similar to the smell of rotten eggs), you can limit the potential hazard by; turning off the supply of gas, consider evacuating the house or building, eliminate any ignition sources and naked flames, do not touch the lights (if they are on leave them on, if they are off leave them off), call the professionals. 

Stay Warm This Winter With No Probs Plumbing And Electrical

Winter is coming, and if you need assistance to Winter-proof your home for these colder months contact the plumbing specialists at No Probs Plumbing and Electrical. 

With years of experience and an abundance of returning clients, No Probs is here to help with all of your plumbing needs. From hot water, to drainage, gas fittings and renovations, No Probs is the right choice for you.

To speak with Nathan and his team today, please give us a call on (08) 9315 5545 and book online or if you’re looking to request a quote please visit our website.