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Optimal Hot Water Setting

Gas Hot Water Systems Vs. Electric Hot Water Systems

So your hot water system has kicked the bucket. Shopping for a replacement can be a challenging task, with many options to choose from. Because heating hot water contributes to around 25% of household energy costs, it’s important to select a type that suits your home and lifestyle. But which system is best for your household?

Electric Hot Water Systems

Storage tank system
For decades, the storage tank system has been the go-to for many Australian households. However, the rising cost of electricity and the dirty carbon footprint it leaves behind has seen its popularity wane. 

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Instant electric heaters
These electric hot water heaters provide on demand hot water once a hot water tap is opened, and are therefore more economical when compared to electric storage hot water systems. Instant, aka. continuous electric hot water systems are usually three phase electric systems ensuring you have a continuous supply of hot water when you need it. Three phase continuous electric systems are suitable for multiple outlets, while single phase continuous electric systems are designed for single outlets. 

Heat pump systems
The heat pump system extracts heat from the outside air in a similar fashion to the way a reverse cycle air conditioner warms up a room. This option can be reasonably efficient and produce low emissions, but will cost more upfront. Their maintenance costs tend to be higher than their counterparts, as it incorporates an air conditioning unit. This may also require additional tradesmen to diagnose or fix certain problems (ie. an electrician or air-conditioning mechanic). Their compressor and fan noise can also be problematic, especially if the system is running during off-peak hours when it is colder outside. 

Gas Hot Water Heaters

Like the electric heaters, gas heaters come in both storage or continuous options. Gas storage units are energy efficient and have much lower emissions compared to their electric equivalent. If your home is already connected with gas, installation costs will be about the same as electric water heater units. 

On the other hand, gas continuous flow systems (aka. instantaneous or tankless water heaters), heat water on demand. This compact unit heats the water as it flows through, which means two things; there is no need for storage and you will never run out of hot water

Is it cheaper to heat water with gas or electric?

While both storage and instant gas hot water heaters are slightly more expensive to purchase and install, the running cost of the unit is much lower than electric water heater units. This makes it the more economical choice over the lifetime of the unit, as the initial difference should be recouped within a few years. 

Health considerations

Storage tank water heaters (both gas and electric) are susceptible to bacterial growth within the tank. This prompted the World Health Organisation to recommend hot water be stored at 60 degrees Celsius or higher. The tankless gas heater system avoids this issue, which means water only needs to be heated to 50 degrees Celsius, helping to decrease running costs. 

Answer these questions before you choose:

What energy/heat source do you currently have available – do you already have a gas line installed?
Was your previous system storage or continuous?
How much space do you have available?
How many people will be using the hot water system?
What is the climate like?
What will be the cost of installation compared to the ongoing running expenses?
How energy efficient will the unit be?

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