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Flexible Hose damage

What to do when the hose under your sink is leaking!

You’ve just looked under the kitchen sink because you smelled something funny. Then to your surprise (and disgust), you discover a large wet patch bordering on mould. Not exactly a fun moment in anyone’s day…

As far as pipe and hose connections go, the under sink hose connection is the worst. So bad in fact, that they account for a good many home insurance claims. According to research, flexible braided hoses made up one in five water damage claims lodged by Australian households in 2016. We’re going out on a limb here, but it’s fair to say not much has changed over the past few years.

Why Is The Hose Under My Sink Leaking?

Basically, flexible water hoses can fray over time. Under sink hose connections are prone to damage when they’re connected in tight quarters amongst other pipes that rub up against each other due to the pressure changes when you turn the tap on and off. 

There’s a lot of opportunities for wear and tear, but these under sink hose connections are usually subject to two particular factors:

1. They’ve been installed badly.

Installing anything under a kitchen sink can be hard – especially when there’s not much room for movement. Getting the right tools under there to tighten connections is often difficult – resulting in a poorly tightened connection. This can create a leak.

2. It’s a poor quality flexi hose.

It’s often the case that these flexible hoses come cheap and are made of poor quality metals and tubing. Poor quality hose material can easily lead to rust and fraying.

Is This A Serious Issue?

It most certainly could be. The first element to break is usually the braided steel lining, which allows the rubber tube lining to expand and eventually burst. 

When the hose is breached, it can expel a large volume of water in a short period; as much as 1500L an hour. 

Water damage is a serious problem that can affect your belongings, your kitchen itself and if left unattended – your flooring and walls could also be put at risk of serious water damage. 

If caught early – you can easily avoid the nasty long-term effects of your hose under sink leaking. We’re talking about mould, ghastly smells, and money down the drain.

How To Stop The Under Sink Hose Connection From Leaking

Solutions! There are a few ways you could tackle this one. If you’ve got a gradual leak here’s how to proceed:

  • Put a bowel underneath the drip and use some paper towels to soak up any water that may have already spilled or gathered underneath the flexi pipe. This will minimise any further damage to your kitchen and floors. 
  • Inspect where the leak is coming from – if it appears to be from a hose connection it might just need to be tightened a bit. Call No probs Plumbing and Electrical.
  • If your situation is more urgent and the leak is getting serious – Call us now and we’ll come over and fix it for you today. 

My flexi hose is frayed. Should I be worried?

Stainless steel flexi hoses usually only last about 10 years. Chances are that yours is on the way out. If you notice signs of fraying, or rust developing along the pipe, it’s a good idea to consider replacing it with some new hose.

How To Prevent A Flexible Hose Leak

If you’re seeing the warning signs, it’s good to act sooner rather than later and avoid the worst. Preventing under sink flexi hose issues can be done in the following ways:

1. Replace immediately

It’s the most simple and straightforward way of dealing with the issue. Speak to your plumber about installing a higher quality hose to avoid any future disasters. 

2. Install a flood stop valve

While our Perth plumbers are at it, ask about flood stop isolating valves. These valves are attached to all water connections with a hose, and immediately stem the flow of water in the event of a rupture. 

3. Use mini stop taps

An alternative to flood stop valves is mini stops valves. These allow the homeowner to physically turn the water off at the location of the damaged hose in the event of a rupture. This will buy you some time to turn off the main water and call our Perth Plumbers for a permanent solution to the problem.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

At No Probs Plumbing and Electrical – an inspection for Flexi pipes is completely free. And lucky for you, fixing a leak under your sink is a simple and pain-free exercise. You can trust that our team will use the highest quality materials and make sure you’re never dealing with this problem again.

Call The Experts At No Probs Plumbing For Advice

No Probs Plumbing is your solution for all plumbing services in your home.

We tackle everything from burst flexi hoses to leaking taps, broken faucets, blocked drains, and gas leaks.

We also assist with appliance installations, renovations, and hot water system repairs.

For more information, or if you have any concerns with the state of your flexible water hoses, call our fully qualified Perth plumbing team on (08) 9315 5545

While our Perth plumbers are at it, ask about flood stop isolating valves. These valves are attached to all water connections with a hose, and immediately stem the flow of water in the event of a rupture.