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Four Ways Storms And Heavy Rain Can Impact Your Plumbing

With the drenching Perth has received this week, every homeowner will be battening down the hatches. While everyone thinks to check the gutters there are a number of other areas put under sudden pressure by the downpour that you might have missed. Heavy rainfall could be affecting the efficiency of your drains, underground piping, overworking your sump pumps or triggering leaks in unmonitored corners of your house. Here’s a checklist you should work through after sudden storms to keep problems from multiplying later on…

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Blocked Pipes And Drains

Gutters and drains are always the first to check with any sudden storms, and with the recent hot sunny weather, they’re also an area that might have been unprepared for the sudden downpour. Not only should you check the gutter themselves but make sure the downpipes are flowing well and that drains are clear. If there is debris in the system, such as non-flushable items, soil build-up or encroaching tree roots, it could result in ruptures or leaks particularly when it comes under sudden high water pressure.

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Increased Pressure On Pipes

As the rains fall and the ground is turned to mud, the increased weight and pressure sitting on your underground piping can cause ruptures or leaks. While piping is specifically built to be durable under such conditions, if your system is older it can affect its response so its always a good idea to check for saturated ground around your piping following storms. Additionally wet ground can easily shift which can be another strong but subtle cause of damaged or busted pipes. Continue to monitor the area if it continues to be saturated or for visible depressions in the soil after the wet weather has dissipated.

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Overworked Sump Pumps Or Soak Wells

Features such as sump pumps and soak wells are specifically designed to keep saturated ground from affecting your property and diverting the water away or into the earth. However sudden and heavy onset can put it to the test particularly if it is sustained over a number of days and reaches their capacity. A sump pump, actively pumps the water away from your property and can become overworked by immediate onset of that much water, while a soak well may simply overflow its capacity. Both work well if the soil is dry enable swift movement of moisture away from your property however in saturated conditions it put a strain on them. It is important to know the capacity of these features and be prepared to check on them following storms. If overworked or overflowing you will need to bring in a professional to address the issue before it can affect infrastructure causing problems like rising leaks, damp or mould.

Hidden Leaks And Flooding

With your plumbing working hard under heavy rains, blockages, burst pipes or broken down sump pumps can lead to leaks and flooding in your home so it is important to check areas often left unattended. Overflowing gutters can lead to leaks in your roof leading to flooding and damp in crawl spaces in your roof and walls. Burst pipes and overflowing water from a broken pump can also lead to flooding in your basement if you have one so its important to do a full check of the house after a storm even if there are no immediately visible issues. It is important that any flooded areas are dried out as soon as possible after the water has been removed by a wet-vacuum or sump pump. These spaces cannot be air dried as mould and other issues can easily set in before then, with a dehumidifier a good aid to drying out enclosed areas.

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