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With the colder months approaching, you might want to get your hot water heater checked so you’re not left freezing in the shower on those cold winter mornings. There are a number of reasons why you may be running out of hot water, and for a simple problem there is a simple solution.

Overusing Water

After a hard day at work it is always easy to stay in the shower a little too long. It is somewhat therapeutic, but could be the simplest reason why you are constantly running out of hot water. 

The fact is your hot water heater can only warm a certain amount of water at a given time, if it is being overused, it will run out eventually. This is often the case in larger families, where everyone needs the comfort of a steaming hot shower. 

Additionally, if you are constantly using the dishwasher, washing machine or other hot water appliances, this will contribute to the overuse of hot water.

Reconsider The Size Of Your Water Tank

If your family is growing or you are gradually using more water, you may need to reconsider the size of your water tank. For example, the tank size of a 2 person home will be significantly smaller than the tank size of a 5 person large family.

The size of the tank may also relate to each family’s lifestyle and water usage. If you are constantly washing school or tradesman uniforms or washing pets water usage will be higher than those that work from home and are not washing clothes or dishes. 

Buildup Of Debris And Sediment

The loss of hot water may be a gradual issue, where your hot water is depleting overtime. The cause of this may be the buildup of sediment and debris. 

Not all plumbing problems happen instantly. Debris and sediment buildup occurs overtime as the water carries these solid materials through the water system ending and filling up the water tank, leaving less room for available water. These substances can enter your water system through the water mains. 

Although your water tank should have a filter to remove most impurities, overtime, the buildup of debris and sediment will affect the supply of hot water.

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Damaged Or Loose And Ill Fitting Parts

Double check that there are no loose or ill fitting nuts and bolts through your pipes or at your water heater. These quick fixes may be the cause of no hot water.

As with any appliance, there is the possibility of damage overtime, as nothing is made to last forever. Parts may become damaged after being worn or overused. This is common with the thermocouple which can prevent the burner from igniting. Similarly, a faulty or damaged thermostat will alter the correct function of your hot water heater.

The weather may impact your plumbing as heavy rainfall could be affecting the efficiency of your drains, underground piping, overworking your sump pumps or triggering leaks in unmonitored corners of your house. 

The Solution

So now you understand why you may be running out of hot water, here are some at home solutions to avoid the problem. 

Please keep in mind if your hot water heater is broken or needs replacing please leave it to the professionals, but these are the preventative measures for the household.

Firstly limit your water use. We should all be acting as environmentally friendly as possible, only using what is necessary for everyday living. This entails being scarce with water; taking shorter showers, using the half flush on your toilet, having larger washing loads. By only using the water you need, the chance of you running out of hot water is slim.Another solution is to upgrade your hot water heater to a more efficient or larger model. This step will require installation from plumbing and gas experts. Although an initial expense, a new hot water heater will be more efficient with household energy use and improve the flow of hot hot water and usage.

No Probs Plumbing And Gas Are The Hot Water Specialists

The fully licensed and qualified team at No Probs Plumbing and Gas are here to help you with all your hot water concerns. 

Whether you’re after a replacement system, free old hot water removal, or simply need advice, we can help you!

Our same day hot water guarantee states that if we can’t repair, service or replace your hot water system, we will loan you one at no extra cost. That’s why it’s no question, you should book with No Probs Plumbing and Gas.

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