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Mold in home

Can Blocked Drains At Home Cause Rising Damp Issues?

Blocked or leaking drains can cause numerous headaches around the home but one of the biggest dangers is rising damp. Leaks can make their ways into floors, walls and ceilings unnoticed causing mould, peeling wallpaper and structural damage to your home while also spreading quickly. In the hot and humid climate of Perth this can be a particular hazard and you need to be able to not identify the signs to know where to check in your drainage system.

rising damp mouldy walls
Mould on walls is a common result of rising damp

Signs Of Rising Damp

Before looking at your drainage system, you need to know the signs of rising damp in your home before it spreads and affects not only your home but your health as well. 

Wet areas and dark spots on your walls, floors or ceilings and mouldy patches can indicate rising damp in the house as well as the accompanying musty smell which can indicate which room you need to start looking in. 

Wallpaper peeling from surfaces can also be a good indicator of dampness as well as excessive condensation on windows, mirrors or doors.

Where To Look For Blockages

Once you’ve found signs of rising damp in your home you need to jump on it right away but it does no good to remove and replace infected areas without first treating the cause which could originate from your drainage system.

Leaking downpipes and gutters caused by corrosion or blockages can be a major cause of rising damp that often goes undetected.

Damaged pipes are the first thing to check within your home, either through visually checking where possible or having them checked.

Another common cause of damp is a blocked drain or downpipes which during the winter storm or sudden downpours can happen quickly when it overflows. Another issue to consider is if your drainage system has a volume able to keep up with the incoming stormwater and may need upgrading.

The most subtle cause can be root from nearby trees and shrubs growing over and into the pipes. As the roots seek out water they block or damage your drainage pipes and are surprisingly determined in finding cracks or weakness to get through.

There are plenty of reasons for a blocked drain and prevention is key but once it has been identified you need to move quickly as damp can easily spread throughout a house in the Perth’s autumn humid conditions.

There are plenty of reasons for a blocked drain and prevention is key but once it has been identified you need to move quickly. You need to call in a professional to assess and address the blockage as in Perth’s recent humid conditions, damp can easily spread throughout a house. As well as the damp, the blockage itself can get worse if not acted on, with the blocking material moving in the pipes speeding up the damp or even affecting another area. 

With winter storms not far away, now is the time to ensure your system is at its best so no weaknesses in the system will surprise when it’s needed most.

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