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Flexible Hose damage

What to do when the hose under your sink is leaking!

You’ve just looked under the kitchen sink because you smelled something funny. Then to your surprise (and disgust), you discover a large wet patch bordering on mould. Not exactly a fun moment in anyone’s day… As far as pipe and hose connections go, the under sink hose connection is the worst. So bad in fact,…

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Water Hammer Solutions

Water Hammer | Why Do My Pipes Shake And Make A Banging Sound?

Water hammer, or hydraulic shock, is the annoying banging sound your plumbing system makes when a tap is turned off abruptly. It can also happen when an appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine suddenly shuts off its water intake. Whenever the water flow is suddenly stopped, there is a quick change in water direction…

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Dripping tap

How to check for leaks in your house – and find them!

Unfortunately – water leaks are a common occurrence in most households. Where there is a pipe, sink or tub there is also the possibility of springing a leak. A leak can appear big or small, in all shapes and sizes – with some a little harder to find than others. They can cause flooding, rot,…

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Summer plumbing checks

4 Summer Plumbing Checks To Complete In Your Home

Another year is almost done and dusted, with the festive holidays beckoning our names as we bask in the glorious sunny days of the summer season.  With the return of the heat comes a busy social season, filled with backyard barbecues, relatives coming to stay, school holiday fun for the kids and of course Christmas…

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